The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 494 The Rich Woman’s Secret

Chapter 494 The Rich Woman’s Secret

Yvette patted Nicole’s shoulder. “If you hate it, just think of Xander as Eric’s replacement and torment him. If you like it, just obsess over Xander, which will exasperate Eric to death! No matter how you look at it, you won’t lose out!” Nicole smiled faintly. “You guys sure are my besties, huh?” “That’s for sure!” The two ladies spoke in unison. Ian, who was on the side, coldly snorted. “You girls only know how to goof around…” Nicole’s eyes lit up and scooted over to him excitedly. “Carter, what do you have in mind?” ‘A business idea, perhaps?’ Ian smiled lazily and scrolled through his phone. “I still have eight hundred pounds of potatoes that I haven’t sold, do you wanna help?” Nicole was speechless. Julie coldly snorted. “Carter wanted me to help him pull customers for his agricultural produce at a big fashion show abroad. Do you think it’s appropriate?!” Ian glared at Julie with dissatisfaction. “What’s not appropriate about it? Do people in the fashion industry not

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