The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 497 Betraying Nicole

Chapter 497 Betraying Nicole

After hanging up the phone, Nicole went to work as usual. Imperial Gardens. As soon as Toto saw the hot topic, he was so scared that he could not sleep anymore, especially after seeing the rebuttal from Eric’s friend. He felt like it was completely over. That was a detrimental friend! This was such a good opportunity to protect Nicole that they could never wish for. That man who walked Nicole to the car really looked like Eric if one did not look too carefully. Toto did not dare to delay this and went upstairs to knock on the door apprehensively. Eric drowned himself in alcohol and had anger pent up inside. When he opened the door, he glared coldly at Toto. “Speak!” Toto took out his phone. “Mr. Ferguson, you should see it for yourself…” One minute... Two minutes... Five minutes passed. Eric’s face turned increasingly glum. He was the main character and had not been successful with Nicole, yet his double had already surpassed him? The internet was filled with cries of

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