Chapter 498 A Date

It was hard not to connect the two things that happened on the same day. Everyone found out after a deeper investigation that Yannick Zabinski was the person who posted the photo to clear Eric’s name. However, everyone’s speculation was futile. Ferguson Corporation did not miss out on the formalities of acquiring a small business. Many in the circle felt that Eric’s methods were too ruthless. There were many complaints about his style of handling this. Yannick only posted a photo, but Eric pushed the Zabinskis to the brink of extinction in a fit of anger. However, no one could stop Eric’s fury. This was a lesson for everyone. The matter gradually passed, and Xander’s name came into the public eye. Although everyone did not have a very good initial impression of Xander, a lot of people still supported him because he had Eric Ferguson’s domineering face. Dominic Young also put Xander’s popularity to good use and arranged many activities for him and got him to do live streaming

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