Chapter 499 Clueless

Gerard Lichman could not bring himself to smile because he could clearly feel the tension in the air. Eric’s eyes were gloomy and cold as he met Clayton’s deep and arrogant gaze without flinching. “It seems that some people don’t have any self-awareness.” “Mr. Ferguson, if you don’t have any, why should I?” This was considered an official confrontation. Clayton laughed and turned to leave. Eric snorted. His smile was arrogant and ruthless with a hint of powerlessness. The room was extremely chilly. The lobby of J&L Corporation. Nicole stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window with her phone. She was on a call and looked very relaxed as she stared out the window with a faint smile while she held her coat with one hand. She seemed pleased with herself. Seeing Clayton walking over, Nicole hung up the phone. “Mr. Sloan, is there something else?” Clayton had his hand in his pocket as he smiled at her. “The most pressing thing now is treating you to lunch.” This was the

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