The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 504 Kneel and Apologize

Chapter 504 Kneel and Apologize

Nicole swept a glance at her and curled up her lips into a cold smile. “I believe you know what she did and that my counterattack is justified. You should understand that an apology is not necessary, right?” Ivy jerked her head up with unbelievable shock and coldness in her eyes. She did not expect Nicole’s cold reaction. Joy was speechless for a moment. She then turned around and slapped Ivy hard in front of Nicole as if she was helping Nicole to take out her anger on Ivy. “Look what you’ve done! Ms. Stanton is so angry. Do you think that you can turn the page with an apology?” A very obvious slap mark appeared on Ivy’s face immediately. She bit her lip with forbearance and lowered her eyes, not daring to fight back. Nicole frowned. She did not expect Joy to hit Ivy in front of her. Joy was furious. She fiercely twisted Ivy’s arm and kicked her shin. “Kneel and apologize to Ms. Stanton!” Hearing that, Nicole froze. Even Ivy stiffened for a moment. “Come on, why are you hesi

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