The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 505 It’s Your Fault

Chapter 505 It’s Your Fault

Nicole looked to the side. Ivy Harrison knew that she had lost her temper and hurriedly looked at Joy for help. Joy was not bothered with her and explained, “How can Sheldon Corporation’s scale and financial strength compare to Harrison Corporation? You shouldn’t fall for their scheme, Ms. Stanton…” She was well aware that the reason Harrison Corporation could have a steady foothold in the west was because of Ferguson Corporation’s support. Even if Sheldon Corporation started to expand in the past few years, Harrison Corporation was seated securely in the same position. Ferguson Corporation would not allow its partners to be subservient to others. If Harrison Corporation could cooperate with Stanton Corporation, they would reach greater heights and would completely surpass Sheldon Corporation! However, if Nicole decides to cooperate with Sheldon Corporation, Harrison Corporation’s archrival, they would soon be on an equal footing with them and would even threaten their power. I

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