The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 510 Dear Rich Woman

Chapter 510 Dear Rich Woman

Xander actually dared to come back? Heh... Nicole thought about it before sending a message to Dominic Young. “Xander doesn’t have work scheduled tonight?” Dominic replied a few seconds later. “He’s playing a supporting role in Director Zoros’s movie. It’ll be an overnight shoot.” Nicole had an idea of what was going on. She got someone to dispose of the flowers and bid goodbye to Miles before leaving. Nathaniel watched as the line he painstakingly cast for Eric slowly disappeared and hurriedly ran over. “Nikki, you drank alcohol, so it’ll be dangerous if you leave alone. I’ll ask someone to send you back.” Nicole refused as she walked. “No need.” “That won’t do. I’ll be worried…” Nicole gave him a look. “Niel, your program hasn’t been very popular recently, but I don’t see you being short of money. Why is the Ferguson family suddenly being so generous to you?” Nathaniel’s expression changed slightly. He knew in an instant that Nicole could tell that he had been colluding wi

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