The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 511 A Few More Times

Chapter 511 A Few More Times

Xander’s filming crew was in a rather tough environment. It was a small production, so the budget was not that high. All the conditions were relatively rudimentary. Nicole got out of the van. There were people scattered around, hard at work. The lights were bright and dazzling, but it was impossible to see anyone clearly. The surrounding was filled with whispers and low-pitched complaints. “Ms. Stanton, watch your step…” Xander went over to help her. Nicole smiled but casually brushed his arm away and walked forward. She glanced around the venue. No one recognized her since they were busy with their own business. No one cared about who just arrived. This made Xander very dissatisfied. He cleared his throat twice to attract attention, and Nicole glared at him before putting on a ‘gentle’ smile. “Keep a low profile in case we’re being filmed.” Xander froze and immediately realized the seriousness of the matter. Nicole looked left and right, then went up to the director. The dir

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