Chapter 517 Too Biased

Everyone was secretly shocked. Xander was just a newcomer, but he got so many resources at once. His limelight was really overwhelming! He was excited at first, but his back stiffened near the end of Nicole’s words. He suddenly felt a little unhappy. Xander was exhausted these days. He only slept three to four hours per day but still had to maintain a high state of wakefulness. He was excited about the resources Nicole mentioned, but he also felt very heavy... Would he die of exhaustion? Nicole looked down at her watch. Logan stepped forward at the right time and whispered in a voice that everyone could hear, “President Nicole, it’s about time for your appointment with the director…” Everyone was struck by a realization. Oh, so she was not here to visit Xander. Nicole nodded and walked away, not bothering to stay any longer. Her attitude was very obvious. She did not care what the reporters wrote. They could not be posted online anyway. Eric also followed her with no extra w

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