The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 518 We Wish You Good Fortune

Chapter 518 We Wish You Good Fortune

Lobby of Stanton Tower. As soon as Nicole got out of the car, Kai floored the accelerator and left in a huff. He was throwing a tantrum. Hehe... “Ms. Stanton…” A familiar voice called out. Nicole turned around and saw Toto running over while panting. He held a blue rectangular custom-made box in his hands. Nicole’s eyes sank, slightly speechless. Eric kept pestering her. He was becoming more and more shameless. Toto handed the blue box over. “Good morning, Ms. Stanton. Mr. Ferguson carefully selected these for you. It was just flown in from New Zealand. He hopes you’ll like it.” He opened it directly without waiting for Nicole to speak. Inside was a bouquet of delicate red roses, bright and fragrant. There was dew on the petals and the leaves were gorgeous, making them look warmer and redder than ordinary roses. Many people were coming and going at the entrance of Stanton Corporation. It was clear that Eric wanted to attract everyone’s attention and declare his sovereignty.

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