Chapter 519 I Want to See You

Nicole handed Lil Michael to Logan and went straight to the conference room for a meeting. When she came out again, Lil Michael was obediently waiting in her office doing a puzzle. Nicole read documents for a while until her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was from Clayton. She answered it. “Mr. Sloan?” “Ms. Stanton, is Michael behaving?” Clayton’s voice was gentle and calm with a seductive tenderness that could hook one’s soul. Nicole paused for a moment before snapping back to her senses. “He’s very well-behaved. He’s doing a puzzle now.” Clayton let out a low chuckle. “He colluded with the nanny and bodyguard to skip class and run away from home. I knew that he’d be with you.” Lil Michael seemed to realize who Nicole was on the phone with and ran over with wide eyes. “Pretty Lady, is that Daddy?” Nicole handed him the phone. “Yup. Do you want to talk to him?” “NO!” Lil Michael decisively hung up the phone! He put in a lot of effort to run out so that he c

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