The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 520 Wicked Stepmother

Chapter 520 Wicked Stepmother

Quinn’s shocked reaction was slightly out-of-place, and her voice was shrill, so she drew the attention of many people. Ivy Harrison stood meekly beside Quinn Ferguson, quiet and docile like she was pretending to be an ostrich. The moment she saw Nicole, a vague hint of excitement and resentment flashed in her eyes. Nicole did not look at Ivy. She only gently raised her eyes and glanced at Quinn. She did not explain herself because she could not be bothered with Quinn. Quinn realized that she had lost her composure and hurriedly snapped back to her senses. The man sitting across Nicole wore expensive clothes, had an outstanding temperament, and his movements were regal. The child was raised well and had good manners. Even the way he acted petulantly was not overbearing. With Nicole’s current identity, the people she came into contact with were definitely not ordinary. However, Quinn still could not help but sneer. “I was mistaken. Nicole, is this your… Boyfriend?” She looked

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