The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 541 He Has Ulterior Intentions

Chapter 541 He Has Ulterior Intentions

When Eric went out, Nicole was on the phone at the entrance of her room, her expression ugly. He did not rush forward but waited like a gentleman six feet away to wait for her to finish her call. The distance was not far, so he could hear her clearly. Nicole said, “Yes, from now on, short Harrison Corporation’s shares and pull in their business partners. It doesn’t matter even if it means losing money.” Eric looked at her, a faint fire burned in his heart. If Nicole was so angry, that meant Ivy and Mr. Zahn did not just ask her to drink. Forcing them to drink was letting them off easy. After hanging up the phone, Nicole saw Eric out of the corner of her eye. He stepped forward. “Are you very angry?” “I guess.” Eric reached out and tried to touch the messy hair on her head, but she dodged it with a tilt of her head. He smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t let others bully you.” “Don’t flatter yourself, Mr. Ferguson.” Nicole glanced at him faintly and walked into her room with her h

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