The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 542 Scandalous Photos

Chapter 542 Scandalous Photos

Eric instantly understood. The dark color in his eyes suddenly dissipated and he looked at Nicole beside him expectantly. However, Nicole only took out her phone calmly, opened a messaging app, sent her location to someone, and then looked at them. “My third brother will be here soon. You don’t mind if I wait in the car for a few minutes, right? After all, it’s quite cold outside.” They wanted her to walk back? Did they want her to freeze to death? Eric did not say anything. His eyes looked heavily at Toto. Not only were they unable to be alone, he even lost the chance to send her home! Toto was really useless! Toto lowered his head sheepishly, touching and looking at the car around him. “Hey, this Rolls-Royce should be quite expensive to repair, right?” ...... Less than ten minutes later. Kai’s ostentatious sports car roared to the intended location. He got out of the car lazily, glanced at the Rolls-Royce, smiled lightly, and went over to knock on the window mockingly.

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