Chapter 543 His Limit

Who would have thought that when Eric became cruel, he had no gentlemanly manners at all? There was a limit to his grace. Nicole laughed coldly, scrolling up and down the web page. Eric was really despicable and extreme. The Zahn family roots were not deep. It was half-opportunity and half-luck that they were able to make it to today. He relied on his rich wife to make a fortune, yet he dared to womanize outside. Nicole’s method of dealing with him was much simpler. Just by putting a wedge between his partnerships, it would make him remember this lesson forever. Her goal was still Harrison Corporation. In a short time, Logan came in several times. “President, a call from Harrison Corporation…” “I’m not answering it. I’m busy.” Nicole sneered and ordered people to find out the manufacturers that Harrison Corporation cooperated with in recent years. After a list was made, she carefully studied it and broke it down one by one. “President, Ivy Harrison is waiting downstairs, say

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