The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 544 It’s Hypocritical to Let Bygones Be Bygones

Chapter 544 It’s Hypocritical to Let Bygones Be Bygones

The Harrison family acknowledged Ivy and went through great pains to arrange an engagement with the Ferguson family, letting her get close to Eric. However, not only did she fail to accomplish anything, but she also brought the Harrison family to a dead end. Eli Harrison wanted nothing more than to kill Ivy now. At sunset. After an ordinary day, the situation in the business world had changed slightly due to interests. This day was quite unforgettable. The gossip on the internet did not stop but intensified instead. Ivy’s identity as a noble lady was exposed, and photos of her as a young girl dressed like a delinquent at school were revealed. Classmates came forward to accuse her of identity fraud. She wanted to cry. Although the blood of the Harrison family flowed in her veins, her identity as an illegitimate daughter was not glorious. Furthermore, no one spoke up for her. After work, Nicole took her bag and left. However, as soon as she left the office, Ivy greeted her wi

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