The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 546 Cheesy and Posh

Chapter 546 Cheesy and Posh

Someone noticed Ivy Harrison standing on the balcony of the eighteenth floor, looking relieved as she regained her smile. She had some paranoia and a long-hidden madness and hatred. Ivy hated Joy Harrison the most. She could have grown up with the same lavish lifestyle as Joy. What right did Joy have to enjoy all the benefits of being Eli Harrison’s daughter alone? Ivy knew that she was powerless against Nicole and could not touch her, but she could get rid of her curse, Joy Harrison. If Joy Harrison died, Ivy would be the only Young Lady of the Harrison family. ...... Nicole was playing poker with Yvette, Julie, and Ian when she heard the news of Joy’s murder. Logan called her saying that Ivy Harrison was arrested. Nicole’s mood was quite complicated. She pitied and disliked Ivy Harrison. After hearing such news, Nicole was in no mood to continue playing and went home. She called Logan to let the Harrison family off the hook. Since she had taken out all her anger, she wan

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