The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 547 A Box of Gifts

Chapter 547 A Box of Gifts

There was a logo at the bottom of the gold chrysanthemum. It seemed to be a custom-made piece that was extravagant and cheesy. Nicole’s heart trembled, but she kept her smile. “It’s too expensive…” Although this was not worth mentioning compared to the diamonds Lil Michael gave her before, what kind of child would simply give out gold and diamonds? Nicole was a bit overwhelmed. Clayton saw Nicole’s dumbfounded look and could not help but laugh. “It was already too late when I found out about the type of flower he chose. Fortunately, the shape of this flower isn’t too bad. It’ll still look nice as a decorative item.” Clayton thoughtfully added. Anyway, a chrysanthemum made of gold was certainly worth more than a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Nicole chuckled and nodded along in agreement. “Oh right, I’ve prepared some gifts for Lil Michael as well.” “Oh?” Nicole called Logan and asked him to carry the stuff downstairs. She patted the box that was half her height and smile

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