The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 548 He’s Jealous

Chapter 548 He’s Jealous

Clayton did not take Floyd’s words to heart. He swept a glance at Nicole with a gentle gaze and continued to answer Floyd’s question. Floyd said, “Since you’re friends with Nicole, you can scout around for a suitable partner for her. I can’t be assured if she stays single forever.” He laughed heartily, but even Grant’s fingers froze for a moment. Grant slowly picked at a slice of fish with his fork and savored it without a word. Clayton laughed naturally. “Ms. Stanton’s an excellent lady, so she’s not short of admirers, but those who can match Ms. Stanton are very rare. I see that Ms. Stanton enjoys her life with her family. Chairman Stanton, you must’ve treated her like a princess, so no one can be as attentive to her as her family.” Floyd raised his eyebrows and wholeheartedly agreed with Clayton’s words. He was extremely delighted with what Clayton said. Floyd nodded repeatedly. “Yes, that’s true. Our whole family lets Nicole get her way. We’re happy when she’s happy.” This

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