The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 551 You Can Get Lost Now

Chapter 551 You Can Get Lost Now

Nicole was stunned for a moment when she saw Eric standing at her door. Eric was holding a slightly soiled navy-blue gift box. It looked a little out of place from his clean, slender hands. His eyes were red. He handed the box to her and said in a soft voice, “I picked it up, so don’t reject me, okay?” His voice was hoarse. His throat felt astringent. He felt like he was going crazy for her, so much so that he could disregard his reputation and rummage through the trash can. However, Eric knew that if he just walked away, he would not even have the luxury of meeting Nicole again in the future. Nicole was silent for a few seconds and did not move. Eric also remained in that position. After a long time, Nicole smiled and took the gift box from his hand. She took out the contents and put them on a table at the side, then threw the box on the floor. Nicole swept a glance at Eric and said, “You can get lost now.” Eric met her gaze and stepped forward. “I’m sorry.” He was too i

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