The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 552 One Night in the Same House

Chapter 552 One Night in the Same House

Nicole thought, ‘Old classics?! How old are these songs?’ She wrinkled her eyebrows. The folders in the flash drive were all songs that Eric liked. This was certainly not her flash drive. Nicole’s face turned glum as she turned to look at Eric. “This is the flash drive I left behind?” Eric walked over, pretending not to know anything, and glanced at the folders. When he saw “President’s Favorite Songs”, his eyes narrowed slightly. ‘This driver is too detailed!’ “Perhaps I was mistaken…” Eric touched his nose and spoke calmly. Nicole threw the laptop aside and went to her bedroom to wash up. “You can sleep on the sofa, or in your car.” “I like to sleep on the sofa.” He quickly stated his preference. Eric’s face sank when he swept a glance at the gold flower on the table by the door. He took advantage of the free time to reply to some work emails. Nicole’s apartment had two bedrooms, but since Kai left, the second bedroom was converted into a study, so there was only one bedro

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