The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 566 Plastic Surgery Worth $800,000

Chapter 566 Plastic Surgery Worth $800,000

Kai came in with a black box, looking very cautious. Julie was not in high spirits. She simply greeted Kai and instructed the nanny to make tea, then casually walked to the living room and sat down. She was obviously not as close to Kai as she was with Nicole. Kai did not notice Julie’s mood. He put down the black box in front of her and had a faint smile plastered on his face. “Jules, look. This piece of jade is 99% similar to the quality of your jade pendant. It’s from the same place and has the same pattern. I’ll grind it and make a new one for you, okay? Or… Do you want a different shape?” Nicole held the cup of tea and took a small sip. ‘Was Kai kicked in the head by a donkey? Is the jade even the issue here? No matter how good the quality of the jade is, it can’t alleviate Julie’s sadness. This dumb*ss!’ Julie glanced at the jade in the box. It was not the best quality, but it was indeed similar to the jade that was broken. It certainly took a lot of effort and money to fi

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