The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 567 The First Day of Missing You

Chapter 567 The First Day of Missing You

Xander gulped. A trace of panic and fear crossed his eyes. “N-No… Mr. Ferguson, you’ve misunderstood.” At this moment, Eric towered over Xander and looked down on him. It showed the real gap between them. Eric was so superior to Xander. It was not something that could be substituted with a face. In front of Eric, Xander was as lowly as an ant. Xander’s foolish little thoughts were simply crushed to the ground. How was Xander qualified to be Eric’s substitute? “Misunderstood?” Eric sneered. He threw a few pieces of paper on Xander’s face. His voice was devilish as he said, “You spent more than $800,000 on plastic surgery just to imitate my face? I can very well disclose these hospital records to the media.” Xander’s face turned pale as he looked at Eric in horror. “Mr. Ferguson, please don’t…” This was Xander’s biggest secret. He did not want others to know about his plastic surgery and thought that he hid it very well. Back when a car accident disfigured his face, the plast

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