The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 577 They’re Not as Good as Me

Chapter 577 They’re Not as Good as Me

Eric narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He went up to carry the boy with one hand and put him on the innermost chair. His force and attitude were irrefutable. Lil Michael simply did not have the time and strength to struggle. After this was settled, Eric sat in his original spot and unbuttoned his collar. “Now there’s a seat.” Nicole stared at him with dull eyes and warned him. “Eric Ferguson, he’s still a child…” Eric raised an eyebrow and swept a glance at Lil Michael, whose eyes were red. “So what? He’s not our child…” Nicole was speechless. Lil Michael glared at Eric viciously and felt stuffy in his chest. He could not wait to grow up so that he could take his pretty lady out of the country and never come back! “Pretty Lady, I won’t be able to eat if I see someone I don’t like…” Lil Michael coldly grunted and was straightforward. Nicole lifted her eyes to look at Eric. “Hurry up and get lost.” ‘She’s really decisive, huh?’ Eric could not help but feel a little hurt.

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