The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 578 Stealing Her in Front of Him

Chapter 578 Stealing Her in Front of Him

Stanton Mansion. Lil Michael’s bad mood dissipated as soon as he played with Tigger happily. Nicole freshened up and was studying the stock market in the study. Someone pushed the door open. Without lifting her head, Nicole knew that it was Kai. He was holding a small box in his hand. “Lil N, are you busy?” “Duh.” Kai chuckled and put the box in front of her. “Will you help me give this to her?” “To whom?” Nicole asked and opened the box with curiosity. The teardrop-shaped jade pendant came back to life again. When it shattered, it seemed to be gone forever, but Kai actually managed to fix it. Upon closer look, there was a little flaw that could be neglected. It was really rare for Kai to be so attentive! Nicole looked up at him. “K, you should give it to Jules yourself. She’ll be very happy.” Kai sighed. “She probably doesn’t want to see me…” Nicole decisively pushed the box back to him. “No, Jules will be very happy. She’ll be even happier if you give it to her yours

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