The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 579 Who Dares to Take You Away

Chapter 579 Who Dares to Take You Away

Logan opened the back door for Nicole. Lil Michael had been waiting inside for a long time. He was escorting her to the banquet. Nicole bent down and put one foot in when a big hand suddenly grabbed her arm tightly, pulling her back. She instantly recognized the man’s cold and stern aura. “Mr. Ferguson…” Logan was a little surprised. He subconsciously wanted to protect Nicole and was thinking if he should pull Nicole back from Eric’s grip. However, Eric tightly encircled Nicole in his arms with a strong attitude and a bitter chill in his eyes. His tone was playful and a little threatening. “Didn’t we agree that I’d come to pick you up? Who’s so ballsy to take you away?” Eric did not look angry. His face was gloomy, and his words carried an extreme indifference and arrogance. He was insufferably arrogant even though he tried his best to suppress his emotions. Nicole was entrapped in his embrace, but she did not struggle. Instead, she moved with his strength and only looked at

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