The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 597 If You’re Sick Then Go Get Cured

Chapter 597 If You’re Sick Then Go Get Cured

The two people’s faces instantly changed as they panicked. “No… That’s not what we meant. We just said that their lifestyles might be different. We didn’t mean anything against Ms. Stanton.” Nicole smiled faintly. There was not the slightest bit of coldness in her eyes. On the contrary, her gaze held a bit of tenderness. “I know, no one meant any malice. You were just talking casually. Don’t scare them, Ms. Lehman.” Seeing that Nicole really did not seem angry at all, everyone sighed in relief. She was more approachable than they imagined… Yuliana glanced at Eric and cleared her throat. “Ms. Stanton is a good person and will definitely find someone who truly loves her in the future. Mr. Ferguson as well.” Eric’s eyes coldly gazed over. How was it that a group of women with failed marriages became qualified to teach Nicole? Sadie suddenly took out her phone. “Right, let’s add each other’s WhatsApp so it’s easier to communicate with one another. We’ll be a group in the future.”

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