The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 598 Still Attractive

Chapter 598 Still Attractive

The other three women were all on the thin side. Sadie frowned, slightly dissatisfied. “The rules can’t change just because you said so…” “It’s all for the sake of fairness…” Eric stood there, annoyed. The chattering women over there were really irritating! When he heard that they wanted to separate him and Nicole, he looked at the fat woman Yuliana and his eyes could not help but turn cold. Just as he wanted to open his mouth to set things right, he suddenly saw Nicole turn the other way. Nicole said, “Then you and Mr. Ferguson will be on one team. I’ll go to the other one.” Yuliana beamed. She did not expect Nicole to agree so easily. It was clear reconciliation between these two was really out of the question. Her chance had come! Nicole jumped into the other boat, and Eric looked at Yuliana with gloomy eyes. She reached out to let him help her, but his gaze only swept over her indifferently. Then, he turned away, his temperament icy. He did not care that the cameras wer

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