The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 600 Give Her Some Trouble

Chapter 600 Give Her Some Trouble

Yuliana, who was already cautiously observing Eric, watched as he suddenly stopped. Then, she looked in Nicole’s direction and immediately understood. She hurriedly walked over with a smile, propped one hand on the chair, and winked at Xander. “Oh my! Who prepared such exquisite afternoon tea?” Xander, who was standing at the side, stood up in a gentlemanly manner and went over to pull out the chair for Yuliana. The two of them exchanged a tacit glance. Yuliana thought, ‘He’s quite discerning.’ Xander thought, ‘Oh, she’s interested in me!’ The next second, a tall and upright figure walked to the vacant spot next to Nicole, raised his foot, and violently kicked it over, his aura cold and appalling. The loud sound instantly silenced the room and was filled up by the man’s sense of oppression instead. Nicole, who was sitting nearest to it, looked calm as ever. There was not a hint of panic on her face. Everyone instantly felt that Nicole was remarkable. If it were someone else s

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