The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 601 Pragmatic Conference

Chapter 601 Pragmatic Conference

At the same time, the surroundings quieted down. Everyone’s faces had different degrees of thought and changes. Nicole did not avoid the question. Her expression was like she was in a press conference, focused but dignified. “My marriage with Mr. Ferguson was quite sensational back then, but that wasn’t my intention. There’s no pride in showing off the ugliest side of a marriage, but… We’ve discussed it and decided to be friends or business partners. That isn’t something to regret.” No one noticed that when Nicole answered the question, Eric had tensed with his fists on his knees, clenched tightly and bulging with veins. Her simple and casual words made her position clear. No one noticed that next to her, the man’s arrogant and haughty look had suddenly collapsed. His eyes lowered as he gazed at her with a sorrowful look, his expression tense and ugly. Every time he heard her say such things, he felt as if his heart was suddenly gouged out, making it hurt when he breathed. She

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