The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 602 Righteous Scum

Chapter 602 Righteous Scum

At that thought, Sadie’s bright and charming eyes turned on Eric and she said, “In fact, I think that marriage will restrict a lot of freedom. If two people who are in love can be together, why should they care about their status? If they love each other, they would always be together even if they do not get married. If they don’t love each other, then even if they marry, they’ll just end up divorced. We will meet many people in our lives, so there’s no need to be fixated on one person. If you look around, you’ll find that there’s much more wonderful scenery!” Yuliana slowly sucked in a breath of cold air and subconsciously glanced at Eric’s expression. It was as she expected. ‘Heh. His gaze was so sharp it was as if he wanted to hit someone. Fortunately, she stopped in time!’ Nicole felt that what Sadie said was very reasonable. She nodded heavily and encouraged her to continue. Sadie smiled and could not help but grow confident upon seeing everyone agree with her. “I have a diff

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