Chapter 603 Only One Room

Sadie’s expression changed a few times, shocked with a hint of apprehension. Yuliana could not help but smile, feeling a little smug. If Eric was so easy to obtain, she would have gotten him a long time ago. Sadie would not even get the chance. Fortunately, she changed her strategy wisely! Nicole glanced at Eric and said faintly, “She asked you about your views of marriage, not your evaluation of her. Eric glanced away, leaning his body sideways on a propped-up arm. “Our marriage didn’t fail. It was only suspended because of my fault. If you’re willing, I can prove that our marriage is the most perfect.” No one expected Eric to give such a sincere speech in front of everyone. Nicole stood up. Her expression was extremely cold. She looked at Eric indifferently. “Those are big words. Be careful you don’t break your back carrying them.” Perfect, her *ss! Her slender and beautiful figure had almost reached the door. She suddenly heard Eric’s determined voice. “My back is very str

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