The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 617 Energetic and Enthusiastic Man

Chapter 617 Energetic and Enthusiastic Man

Although Eric Ferguson saved Nicole, he still did not change his annoying habit. ‘Huh, booking out the city’s LED screen to thank him? He just wants everyone to know that our relationship is not ordinary, right?’ Nicole secretly rolled her eyes. Yvette said, “But that woman is really ballsy to give you a spiked drink! Do you need my help to teach her a lesson?” Nicole smiled faintly, “Thanks, but it’s already resolved.” The punishment was also worse than just kicking the woman out of the entertainment industry. Yvette said, “Good job!” ...... After hanging up, Nicole felt a little hungry, but Dominic messaged everyone to gather at the venue immediately. Nicole rolled her eyes. ‘Ugh! Dominic really knows how to exploit people!’ She slowly walked to the hotel entrance. Everyone had already left in their cars. Dominic had the good sense to wait for Nicole at the door. Nicole gave him a blank stare and got into the car. Dominic handed her a nicely packaged sandwich and milk. Ni

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