The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 618 She Really Wanted It

Chapter 618 She Really Wanted It

Yuliana took Nicole’s jacket from the side and sighed. “This Italian brand is a custom order, right? You can’t find another identical piece in this world!” Nicole was a little surprised that Yuliana did not rush to knock on Eric’s room door, but she also felt that Yuliana was not as frivolous, debauched, and shallow to chase fame and fortune as she appeared to be. At once, Nicole’s good impression of Yuliana multiplied. Nicole smiled politely. “Yes. If you like it, I can recommend the designer to you.” That designer was a famous craftsman in Italy. In the fashion circle, he only made clothes for two people a year. His style and thought process were simply excellent. Each piece of clothing was unique globally. It was not at all comparable to any big brand. Yuliana’s eyes lit up but instantly dimmed down. “Nevermind. My clothes are all sponsored, so what I wear is up to others.” Nicole smiled and did not insist. Yuliana casually handed Nicole’s jacket to Eric, who appeared behin

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