The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 630 The Woman Who Doesn’t Go By the Book

Chapter 630 The Woman Who Doesn’t Go By the Book

The general manager of the mall spoke excitedly. Nicole and Clayton were unmoved and looked at him calmly. The mall manager did not feel the least bit embarrassed and smiled as he explained. “You two are the lucky couple of the day! Today is the last day of our mall’s activity. You both fully met and exceeded our expectations when you played the duet so perfectly on this ten-million-dollar piano!” The mall manager could tell that this couple were not ordinary people, especially the man’s watch that was worth enough to buy a luxury apartment in the city center. Although the lady was dressed casually and simply, her bag was limited-edition and worth a million dollars. Thus, the mall manager did not want to let go of two big spenders. Nicole raised her eyebrows and was silent for a moment. Women were naturally inclined to gifts, so Nicole was very interested in the prize. However, since this gift was for a couple, and she and Clayton were not a couple, Nicole felt a little embarras

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