Chapter 631 She Likes Me

The mall manager thought, ‘Why was I so insistent to stuff the prize to this woman, who wanted to refuse earlier?’ He instantly felt like he was walking toward his death. The mall manager licked his dry lips and said, “Uh… $50 million is not a small amount, so I’ll have to ask the management…” He said with a guilty conscience. His voice turned hoarse. Nicole blinked. “Aren’t you the general manager? Can’t you make this decision? Otherwise, I can call your boss and ask for it…” She took out her phone as she said this. “Wait! Of course, I can make the decision. Miss, please leave your bank account number and name. I promise that you’ll receive this $50 million later.” The general manager gritted his teeth and made a promise. If this matter reached Eric’s ears, the general manager would lose his job because he violated the lottery and wanted to renege on the promise. Nicole smiled without changing her expression. She put away her phone and left her contact information and accoun

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