The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 636 Are You Even My Brother?

Chapter 636 Are You Even My Brother?

Soon, the pre-orders for Stanton Corporation’s latest collection of jewelry exceeded the expected sales and once again broke past records. The series of clothes from Ferguson Corporation was also sold out in all major distribution channels. Globally, the stocks of the two corporations rose at shocking rates within a day. It was a win-win situation. Nicole conquered this wave beautifully. She sat in her office and spun around in her chair with ease. Her phone on the table constantly vibrated. Everyone admired her to the core! Logan knocked on the door and came in. “The reporters have all gone back. We’ve also made arrangements with the media platforms.” Nicole nodded. “Make sure the jewelry is prepared adequately. Pay more attention to ensure our quality. If there isn’t enough, suspend the pre-orders first.” Logan nodded with a straight face. “Understood.” Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. Her legs were resting on the table with unrestrained laziness. She tapped her fingers on

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