The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 637 Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chapter 637 Chicken Soup for the Soul

Eric’s gaze deepened as his face turned unbearably glum. “Satisfied?” His intention was simply to complicate their relationship a little more. It was best if they were so entangled with each other that they could not explain clearly. However, Nicole actually spelled it out clearly. His chest felt very stuffy. Thinking of the scene when Nicole played a piano duet with Clayton last night and even won the couple’s prize which he paid for, Eric could hardly control his outburst. Eric, who had always been great at scheming, thought, ‘What did I get in this?!’ Nicole smiled, revealing her shallow dimples and a bit of pride. “In such moments, I didn’t forget the principle of making money together. I saw that your Ferguson Corporation’s stock has gone up a lot. Your sales this season have been driven up too. Mr. Ferguson, you can’t say that I’m stingy. This is a solid thank you gift!” Grant listened on the side and almost laughed out loud. ‘Haha, my sister’s so practical! If I were Er

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