Chapter 642 Bad Idea

Kai questioned Nicole’s methods, but since Nicole was Julie’s bestie, she would understand Julie best. Thus, Kai had no choice but to half-heartedly do as he was told. Nicole was on the trending topics for three days, during which Stanton Corporation’s and Ferguson Corporation’s stocks soared to such heights because of Nicole’s hype alone. Everyone was envious. Many high society ladies followed in Nicole’s footsteps and intentionally got paparazzi to sneak shots of them. They also wanted to use this opportunity to become bigwigs in the business and entertainment circles. Unfortunately, none of them created much of a splash. Every time one was photographed, it would be brought out and compared with Nicole. [How can they be so shameless to buy the trending topics with that figure? Do they think that we’re stupid?] [They can’t even compare to our career-focused President Nicole!] [These high-society ladies should just concentrate on spending money. How can commoners like us afford

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