Chapter 643 Irrevocable

Eric frowned while Old Master Ferguson spoke unhurriedly. “With your slow and indirect methods, I’m afraid that she’ll only take one look at you when she’s unmarried at 40 or 50 years old. By then, it’ll be too late and you’ll just waste your time for nothing. It’s better if you can do something irrevocable and get her pregnant, then she’ll have no choice but to be with you.” Eric’s face was cold and sullen for a moment. His eyes were sharp and cold as he looked at Old Master Ferguson. His voice was icy. “She’s Nicole Stanton!” Nicole was not a pushover that would not fight back when she was bullied. With the whole Stanton Corporation behind her, was she a regular woman who could be controlled at will? Offending Stanton Corporation would just leave both companies in defeat. Old Master Ferguson let out a cold laugh. “Of course I know that she’s Nicole Stanton. It’s because of her identity that the Stanton family can’t afford to lose their reputation. We can only use this necessa

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