The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 644 Book Out the Venue

Chapter 644 Book Out the Venue

Old Master Ferguson’s body shook viciously. He turned back and stared at Eric with a deadly glare, seemingly in disbelief. “You…” Eric called for someone to come in. “Send the Old Master back to the Ferguson Villa.” After that, Eric did not look at his grandfather again. Old Master Ferguson’s face was red with anger. Eric was the grandson that he was most proud of and the heir that he had spent all his efforts to train. Eric was different from his father, Charles Ferguson, who was conservative, cowardly, and had no ambition. Since Eric was young, he was smart and bold, so Old Master Ferguson focused on cultivating Eric to be his successor. The company was handed to Eric when he was of age, surpassing Charles. Thus far, Eric was very outstanding. Until now, Old Master Ferguson suddenly felt that he had grown old. He did not have any ability to make Eric listen to him anymore. After Old Master Ferguson left, Eric sat on the chair tiredly with his brow knitted. The dim light seem

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