The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 646 Girls Should Not Get Into a Group Fight

Chapter 646 Girls Should Not Get Into a Group Fight

The bar manager rushed down to help the person up. “Young Master Ludwig!” Everyone surrounded Keith in a tight circle. Nicole snorted coldly while Keith trembled. The surrounding people gossiped as they watched. “It’s over… Young Master Ludwig isn’t someone who could be offended! He certainly won’t let go of this woman…” “Yeah, will Young Master Ludwig call the police and falsely accuse her?” “Manager, what should we do? Should we give this woman away?” Keith struggled to open his eyelids and unlocked his phone. “Call and ask my wife to pick me up... This song is very good. Don’t look for trouble!” Keith could not afford to offend Nicole, so he had to disassociate himself from her. At that thought, Keith somehow passed out. The bar manager shuddered and picked up Keith’s phone to make a call for someone to pick him up. Nicole said in a cold and clear voice, “He’s divorced, so get his friend to come and pick him up.” With that, she found Eric’s number on Keith’s phone and t

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