The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 647 Pretty, Give Me a Chance

Chapter 647 Pretty, Give Me a Chance

Nicole suddenly froze at Yvette’s words. Yvette came next to Nicole and explained in a whisper. “These people are no match for that guy. Just rest assured and give him a chance to perform!” Nicole frowned. Not even a minute later, the situation reversed. Those colorful-haired hooligans screamed miserably. Some fled while some yelled to call the police. Nicole said, “Is it their first day in the gang? Why would they call the police?” Yvette also looked at those hooligans with disgust. “These gangsters just get weaker by the year. How can such wimps be in a gang?” Clayton still looked gentle and elegant, but his clothes were a bit messy, so he looked a bit more cold and unrestrained. Yvette waved her hand. “Hey handsome, you’re not hurt, right?” Clayton smiled implicitly. “No.” He looked at Nicole, picked up the phone that was thrown on the ground, and handed it to her. “Your phone is broken. I’ll buy you a new one.” Nicole took over her phone. It was indeed broken and turne

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