The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 659 Do You Not Like It?

Chapter 659 Do You Not Like It?

“Congratulations, Mr. Ferguson!” “Congratulations…” ...... Everyone seemed to be interested in this brief exchange, but it was quickly forgotten. The third item in the auction was an astonishingly beautiful string of black pearls. It was a vintage necklace with three 15 mm black paragon pearls that had a natural bronze hue to it. It was precious, rare, elegant, and flawless. There was not even a reference price on the market because it was shockingly expensive and rare. The necklace was lying in the white box, emitting a cold light. Everyone in the venue seemed to hold their breaths. Industry experts knew that this necklace was worth a fortune. The value even exceeded the sum of the previous two auction items! After a moment of silence, the host smiled. “There’s no starting price, so please bid freely.” There was no question that this necklace had no marked price. After some commotion, people began to bid one after another. “$10 million…” “$20 million…” ...... Nicole on

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