The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 660 Mysterious Big Shot

Chapter 660 Mysterious Big Shot

When Nicole heard Clayton’s words, her heart thumped. She suddenly felt very complicated. She looked at Clayton and suddenly understood that his purpose for attending the auction today was not the contract, which was the second auction item, but this string of black pearls in front of her. All of a sudden, Nicole felt a little touched. In the next second, Clayton raised his hand again. His voice was gentle and calm, without the slightest pressure. “$500 million…” Eric’s harsh eyes swept over, and Clayton met his gaze with just a faint smile. The two men’s temperaments were clearly very different, but at this time, they were on par and uncompromising. Nicole understood that Eric might just want to compete, targeting Clayton, who was beside her. She opened her mouth and wanted to stop this unwarranted game of dispute. However, she heard the host shockingly interrupting the bidding. “Ladies and gentlemen, a mysterious bid came in from a foreign channel for $880 million. Is there

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