Chapter 661 You Bit Me

Nicole rolled her eyes, but she did not intend to fight with Eric here. She looked at Clayton. “Wait for me. I’ll be right back.” Clayton nodded. “I’ll get the car.” Nicole agreed and handed Clayton her car keys before following Eric. Eric had just walked to the car when he turned to stare at Nicole with his dark and deep eyes. “What gift do you want?” Nicole’s eyes narrowed. Her tone was dull. “Where are the documents?” “Tell me what you want first.” “You lied to me?!” Nicole sneered, then turned around and walked away. Eric pursed his lips. The moment she left, he suddenly reached out and tugged her arm, pulling her backward and pressing her against the car. He propped one hand behind her. His gaze was cold and sullen as he looked at her. His cool breath surrounded Nicole and was the source of the burst of chills she felt. The driver in the car shuddered and thought, ‘Should I pretend that I’m invisible?’ Nicole looked at Eric with a dull expression. Her tone was icy. “

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