The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 663 What Happened to Your Lip?

Chapter 663 What Happened to Your Lip?

Nicole carried Lil Michael for a while and spun him around. She ran out of strength, so she put him down and stroked his soft curly hair. “Lil Michael, go say hello to Daddy.” Lil Michael nodded obediently and went to Clayton, then cupped his father’s face and planted a big kiss on his cheek. “Daddy, I miss you so much…” The boy’s tone was so perfunctory! Clayton’s smile looked like he was trying to cope with it. He had a feeling that he raised an ingrate. “Although I don’t quite believe it, since it’s the New Year, I forgive you.” He reached out and pinched Lil Michael’s cheeks as he laughed. Lil Michael bounced around and went back to Nicole’s side, taking her soft, pretty hand as he squinted his eyes. “Pretty Lady, I prepared a gift for you! It’ll come soon…” Nicole blinked. “I have a gift for you too!” Floyd hung up the phone and stood there as he beckoned to them. “Come on in! Don’t let Lil Michael catch a cold!” The forgotten Nicole was speechless. Kai ran over gleef

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