Chapter 664 You’re the Big Shot

Just when Floyd was torn, Clayton’s phone rang. Clayton’s expression changed when he saw the number. Clayton stood up, excused himself, and walked out to answer the phone. Floyd looked at Nicole with difficulty. Nicole’s expression was light. She could not see what Floyd was thinking because her mind was not there. Kai also did not know about Floyd’s dilemma. In less than half a minute, Clayton walked in with a gentle face and waved toward Lil Michael. “Susan wants to talk to you. Come and take this call.” Susan was Lil Michael’s maid. Lil Michael frowned as he went over. ‘Why didn’t Susan contact me directly?’ He looked at his empty wrist. ‘Oh, right… My watch just fell into the swimming pool!’ The boy followed Clayton out the door. When he reached out to take the phone, Clayton did not give it to him. Instead, Clayton’s smile somewhat faded. “Just now, there’s a foreign transaction that came from you that’s $880 million. What did you buy?” Lil Michael lazily squinted his

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