Chapter 665 Hit and Scold Me

Clayton smiled and looked at Nicole hesitantly, wanting to say something. Nicole saw this and stood up, then casually took a shawl and draped it over her body. “I’ll walk you out.” The two went to the door and handed him the car keys. Clayton was stunned and shook his head with a smile. “My driver will pick me up soon. I just want to talk to you alone.” Nicole paused for a moment and raised her eyes to look at him. This man was most attractive when he smiled gently, as if the whole world could shine brightly because of it. She pursed her lips and said in a calm voice, “What do you wanna say?” Clayton smiled with his eyes. “Nicole, can I call you by your first name?” Nicole frowned and thought, ‘I never said that he can’t call me Nicole…’ “It’s up to you.” It was just a name anyway. Without her jacket and only a shawl, she looked so warm. This warmth made her look softer, and her eyes were relaxed like a girl next door, not the strong and influential woman she was in the in

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