The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 666 Men Have No Prospects

Chapter 666 Men Have No Prospects

Nicole felt like a feather brushed over her heart. It was gentle and restrained, but with a surging and rich love. Clayton was happy yet careful. Nicole was stunned for a moment as she did not seem to expect Clayton to make such a quick comeback again. However, his kiss carried a light scent of fresh grass that she could not help but indulge in. In less than a second, Clayton took a step back. The intense love in his eyes was suppressed and restrained. His eyes were light as he held a faint smile. His voice was warm and clear, like a spring breeze brushing through her heart. “Nicole, do you know how to completely forget a person?” Nicole’s body was tense. Her face was slightly cold, and her obsidian eyes were dark and heavy. She did not want to indulge in the warm embrace of a man she did not know too well. Thus, her tone carried a warning and detachment. “Mr. Sloan…” Clayton interrupted her. His eyebrows were sunken. “It’s to fall in love with another person.” He told her th

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